A wonderful “Cahn” evening of musical nostalgia! 01/02/08

Dear Subscribers and Friends,

A few weeks ago on Wednesday, December 19,  2007, I was invited to play  Solo Guitar for a Christmas party at the home of the late Sammy Cahn.  The party was hosted by Mrs. Tita Cahn,  a very gracious hostess. In attendance were a few close friends, who seemed to love the wonderful great American standards, of which Sammy was one of the great contributors. The reason for the very extreme nostalgia that happened for me was that the creation of “It’s Always four A.M.” (a song I collaborated on with Mr. Cahn) was composed in this same room some 40 years ago. I started playing my custom D’Angelico guitar as a kind of background for the party. Tita started singing some of her favorite songs along with the guitar and was, unbeknownst to me, a pretty good vocalist. (She would be the last to admit it)! Soon after a fantastic dinner by Frankie (of “Frankie’s” on Melrose in West Los Angeles) the guests started joining in and singing. What a delight to hear Tony Danza and James Darren (actor/singers) sing a duet of fantastic standards, later to be joined by the great character actor, Robert Loggia. (Tony also played very good Ukelele).  What a beautiful and fun evening it turned out to be. I could feel a strong spiritual presence of Sammy Cahn, surrounded by all the historic photographs and memorobilia in that glorius room. I can’t thank Mrs. Tita Cahn enough for letting me share in the love and friendship of this holiday celebration.It was certainly a night I’ll never forget!

Ron Anthony

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