Jazz, Movies & Great Novels

Next to playing Jazz Guitar or reading a great book, movies have played a huge part in making my life more interestingly satisfying. Tonight I saw a wonderful new French, romantic murder mystery called “Roman de Gare” from Claude Lelouch. It’s full of plot twists and suspense  that the french do so well ( of which Lelouch is one one of the grand masters). The writing, acting and direction  are impeccable,  with plenty  of  “stylistic panache”. I urge you to see it as soon as possible in a theatre, as it probably won’t be around too long. After a night of improvising Jazz, playing the guitar or teaching, good movies are my favorite way to unwind. What’s yours?

Currently I’m reading the sequel to Ken Folletts’s “Pillars of the Earth”, “World Without End”. Two terrific novels about twelth century life in England and the lives of the Monks, Royalty and peasants involved in the building of some of the great Cathedrals of the world. I can’t put this one down any easier than I could the first.  Thank you Mr. Follett and Mr. Lelouch for many enriching (my soul) hours! Cheers and Bravo!

Ron Anthony

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