Brazilian Tour/July-August, 2008 (7/22-8-12/2008)

Dear Friends & Fans,

My trip to Brasil with Frank Sinatra Jr. and his orchestra was unquestionably, the best tour I’ve ever done since I started playing professionally in 1952. (Ouch!) That’s 56 years. Wow! I guess you’d like to know why.—Here goes!

The music; Frank’s band, the Brazilian musicians(our orchestras, (7), and the people we heard performing. The food, the language (Portuguese), the gorgeous people, and the musical souls that are inherent in the different flavors of this amazing country! We flew from New York to Sau Paulo, but our first performance was in Manaus. There we spent an afternoon seeing the Amazonian Rain Forests. The wild monkeys, the dolphins being fed by the people brave enough to swim with them (there were many), and the historically exotic atmosphere in that area. The cities we performed in were Salvador, Brazilia, Curitiba, Sau Paulo, Rio De Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.

I’m sure many of you have visited Brazil on the internet, which is just enough to motivate you to go. If you’re not on a group tour, or with someone who knows there way around, the hotel people will advise you of the precautions you should observe (especially in the larger cities).

Let me acknowledge some of the people we traveled and performed with on this great tour. Frank usually carries around 10 key musicians with him, including a Conductor and Concertmaster, (Terry Woodson and Brazilian Violinist, Claudio Cohen). The rest of the orchestra is booked by Contractor & Producer, Paul Malin along with the section leaders. Then there is a tech crew that sets up the stage and instruments and sound systems, ect;.That is really the tough part of the “gig”. Believe me, they are the top people in the industry and Frank is respecful and appreciative of that.Trombone, Eddie Morgan; Saxes, Mike Smith & TyroneAnthony; Bass, Drums, Piano & Guitar, Paul Rostock, Bob Chmel, Ron Feuer, Ron Anthony; Walt Johnson, Lead Trumpet. Our manager is Andrea Kauffman, our interpreters were Andrea Picou & Lourdes Johnson. Tech guys are Joe Picuri, Ron Farino and security, David Castro. The Brazilian singers with us were Gal Costa & Marina Dela Riva, both fantastic! The Producer was Raphael Reisman and his great crew. A wonderful family of new friends whom I know will some day be old friends. Contact me for any furher info at <>, or thru my website <>. (There will be more articles about this and other trips). We also did a TV Show for “AMAURYJR” in Sau Paulo, Brazil with Marina Dela Riva and Gal Costa with Frank Sinatra Jr. ( A great interview with Amury and Frank)!

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